Preparing your skin for the New Year

New Year, New Look!With the year nearing its close and the days and evenings getting chillier, it means only one thing – party season is around the corner!

For many this will incite a mild panic as much as it will excitement, for if there is something that this time of year allows us it is a respite from constant grooming, preening and weight watching.

When cold sets in we are probably all starting to snuggle up inside, eating more to keep us warm and worrying more about endless utility bill price hikes than what face we present to the outside world.

But with New Year’s Eve looming that all starts to change. So how do we reverse any laziness that might have crept in these last few windy, weeks and to get tip-top ready for party time? Preparing your skin now will pay dividends…

1. Up your skin care routine

Although colder conditions can wreak more havoc on skin than warmer conditions we often pay less care to our face as we ease off the SPF and generally pay less attention to it.

To make sure your skin looks good re-invest time and love in to it. This should include regular exfoliation which will slough off any dead skin cells and help to ease off dry skin complaints. Make sure you cleanse and tone just as thoroughly as in the sweatier summer months, instead of simply relying on a thicker moisture – as blocked pores won’t add to your party sheen.

2. Drink plenty of water and exercise

Again, this is something that people may ease off from as the months turn cooler. Keeping dehydrated when it’s warm is easier to remember as the heat quickens our thirst.

Winter months can make us turn more to warm drinks which (as they are often caffeinated) are not as hydrating as water alone. Make sure you drink still 2 litres per day. This will help banish to smooth out finer lines and to keep your face plumper looking.

Exercise will help blood circulation and so keep skin in a better condition. It will also help to banish pesky free radicals, which have a damaging effect on the face. What’s more, a good stint of exercise will give you a healthy glow which should last until your evening fun begins! Not to mention help you fit in to last year’s LBD.

3. Get a professional helping hand

Many use this time of year to start a course of microdermabrasion or chemicals peels to rejuvenate the skin and ensure it looks youthful to usher in the new year. If you are considering this yourself and want to make the most of the results in time for New Year then now is the time to start!