Post-Olympics blues? Cheer yourself up with a skin treatment

Olympic StadiumWhat a magical fortnight-and-a-bit it’s been.

The London Olympics have filled our lives and our screens with an irresistible mix of triumph, drama, and sheer inspiration.

And there’s still the Paralympics to come, which will give us the fever all over again.

But until then, we’ve got a two-week lull.

Two long weeks without rushing home from work to see if we’ve won any more medals. Two long weeks without the childlike thrill of screaming at the telly while watching sports you’d normally try your best to avoid.

This could be a very long two weeks.

So why not use this two-week gap, this deflated fortnight of limbo, to give yourself a bit of a boost?

If you’re as impressionable as me, you’ll no doubt be planning your new exercise regime, spurred on by your new Olympian heroes.

But until you start seeing results in the gym, having a treatment to freshen up your skin will give you the perfect short-term boost.

Whether you’d like to improve the texture of your skin, get rid of thread veins, add a little volume here and there, or treat blemishes, scars, lines or wrinkles, we’ve a skin treatment that will help.

And now’s the perfect time to take the plunge on a treatment to make you look great.

Then, in two weeks time when the excitement rolls around again, you can sit down to cheer on our Paralympians looking refreshed and rejuvenated – however frazzled your nerves may be…

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