Pigmentation need not remain a problem

Microdermabrasion treatmentPigmentation is the usual term for the condition hyperpigmentation and refers to dark patches that develop on the face, usually the skin. They occur because of some trauma to the skin which will usually be sun damage or the after-effects of acne. Although it is very common it can nonetheless cause distress or embarrassment to the sufferer. The good news is that this is treatable.

Depending on the severity of the pigmentation there are a number of solutions to the problem, from natural remedies to treatments. There is also make-up designed specifically to balance out the skin’s tone and to cover up unsightly skin patches.

For mild sufferers applying lemon juice to the affected area may help a little due to its natural bleaching agents; aloe vera is also believed to help. There are also many creams you can buy over the counter that can help reduce signs of pigmentation, you can choose from a natural product or a stronger cream that will include the active ingredient hydroquinone.

For more severe cases it may be that microdermabrasion or chemical peels will be needed. These work by removing the first layer of the epidermis, either through blasting the top layer off with micro-crystals, or by applying chemicals which then removes the skin. Both will help regenerate new cells which will help even out skin tone.

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