Peter Andre includes Botox as part of his regular maintenance

Botox treatment2013 so far seems to be the year of the confessional as hot-on-the-heels of Courtney Cox’s anti-ageing admissions comes singer Peter Andre’s.

The ex-husband of Katie Price, who is 39, revealed that he regularly gets Botox and has had other work.

Talking to The Mail Online about his general health he revealed:

“I’ve had Botox annually, just to stop those lines getting too deep.”

He also told the paper about his previous rhinoplasty (nose surgery) for the “little hook” on his nose – apparently the singer was teased for this at school.

In addition to the procedures that Andre has had he discussed his overall health – putting feeling and looking ten years younger down to the fact that he dances regularly.

He is guilty of succumbing to hearty Italian food however, though he will balance this by eating salads before a main meal.

As far as medical worries go, he relies on his medicine student girlfriend or her doctor parents for any advice.

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