Out with the old, in with the new…

Seasonal skincareIt’s that time again – time to dust off the old (or invest in new) coats, bring out the brollies and pack away the flip flops… for Autumn is now truly upon us.

Like British weather often does, the grey, rain and cold came with a sharp shock this week – really though we should expect it and be prepared! It IS a season change after all. No Indian summer for us this year, as much as we may have hoped for one.

So, if you have not already updated your skin and beauty regime in preparation for the new season, now is the time to do so. Weather aside, September in general is a great time for fresh start – this time of year is considered by many to be a new beginning, so ingrained in us all as being the start of a new school year!

1. New skincare regime

You will likely have adopted a spring/summer routine consisting of products with a high SPF and that are light and non-greasy. Autumn is the time when you can really ramp up the level of moisture. When it starts to become colder the air around us can be abrasive to our skin, as well as drying. Invest in products with vitamins A and E as these will help form a protective layer over your skin and fight against toxins that may pollute it.

It could also be worth considering a course of chemical peels or microdermabrasion. These will effectively allow your skin to start again, sloughing off the dead skin cells accrued over the summer months through sun exposure. If you are prone to outbreaks it will also help clear your skin and so allow you to use hydrating moisturisers. Pigmentation that may have arisen or worsened in the summer months can also be controlled this way.

2. Adapt your make-up

Autumn is loved by so many because of the fantastic colours that abound – warm tones such as oranges, reds and browns make a pleasant change from the blues and greens of summer. Reflect this with your make up for the season – pastel or bright colours belong to sunnier days so opt for darker tones to better suit your surroundings.

Plums, reds, oranges will all complement the season change. Add these colours to your nails, cheeks and lips. Eyes can take on darker shades with browns and greys adding an autumnal twist.

3. New wardrobe!

Not literally a new wardrobe, though if you want to buy one too that’s up to you. Autumn is a great time to change your look as you will need to adapt to the temperature changes. Coats and boots are always a popular place to start, however you can also add interesting knits to the mix. Invest in a couple of classical pieces that will withstand the test of time.