NHS boob job girl now given Botox

Josie CunninghamLeeds glamour model Josie Cunningham sparked a media storm earlier this year by posing topless in The Sun newspaper with breast implants she received on the NHS.

Now she is coming under fire again – this time for receiving Botox injections, also at the taxpayer’s expense.

The 22-year-old has been prescribed the injections for excessive sweating on her face and under her arms, a condition she developed soon after the birth of her second child. Though it is being prescribed for medical reasons (excessive sweating is a condition called hyperhidrosis) that has not stopped critics jumping in to object to it.

At the time of getting her implants the single mum defended the decision by saying they: “have changed my life and made me happier”. Her response to the backlash against her more recent Botox prescriptions was:

“I didn’t ask to be born with no boobs and I really didn’t ask for this sweating disease.”

Chief of the UK’s TaxPayer’s Alliance, Matthew Sinclair, said of the decision:

“The boob job was bad enough, but offering taxpayers’ money for Botox injections when hip operations are delayed, and cancer drugs are unavailable, is beyond belief.”

Ms Cunningham will receive Botox injections to her armpits and face up to four times a year.

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