New Season – New Skincare Routine

Seasonal skincareWe think nothing of changing our clothing when it comes to the changing seasons and yet, for most of us, we don’t even contemplate adapting our skincare routine to suit the weather. With autumnal chills and wet weather now upon us we ought to update how we treat our skin in order that we retain its optimum condition.


Summer is the season when we are likeliest to experience some degree of sun damage. At the start of autumn it’s a good idea to have a deep all over exfoliating massage, whether professionally or at home. This will help to shed any dry and flaky skin that may be a result of exposure to the sun.

Swap lotions for cream

As the weather cools and the wind picks up we need more intense creams, both for the body and face, to protect our skin from drying out. Central heating also contributes to dehydrated skin so apply cream liberally; consider it an extra layer of protection for your skin as you might think a jumper for extra warmth. Creams with cocoa butter, vitamin E or shea butter are particularly effective.

Protect your extremities

As the weather cools those parts of the body still exposed to it suffer the most – your lips and your hands in particular are vulnerable to weather damage, including flaky skin or cracked lips. Wear a thick lip balm every day and consider upgrading your regular hand cream to a thicker product. For particularly vulnerable skin, humble Vaseline can provide a good protective layer, for either the hands or your lips.

Don’t pack away the sunscreen!

One thing you shouldn’t ditch is a sun protection factor. When choosing a new facial moisturiser make sure it still has a high factor as the sun’s rays can be just as damaging in the cold.

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