Mole removal – should I go ahead?

Ask the Surgeon

It’s time for another of your questions. We’ve had the following question through about mole removal:

Mole Removal Question:


I am going to see a dermatologist this week for mole removal on my face.

I have over 20 moles, all of them smaller or nearly equal to a pencil eraser. I was wondering to what extent the scarring would be? And what would be the best way to remove them to minimise scarring? I have attached a photo.


Mole Removal Answer:

Thank you very much for your enquiry.

From your photo, I see you generally have quite a young skin without too many lines and a scar on the area would show.

Plastic surgeons make every effort to minimise this, but you will have a scar that will be red initially and will subsequently fade over the following few years.

It would be worthwhile thinking long and hard about having the moles removed. Perhaps have one in an inconspicuous place removed first to see how you heal.

Best Wishes,

Adrian Richards
Consultant Plastic Surgeon