Microdermabrasion & massage – Ms Paltrow’s £14k-a-month beauty bill

Microdermabrasion treatmentMany of us like to invest in looking and feeling good. Especially at this time of year, when we’re battling the twin woes of post-Christmas bloat and January blues.

But most of us don’t have quite the resources of Gwyneth Paltrow to do it.

The consciously-uncoupled star has recently been the subject of speculation about the details of her health and beauty regime – with eye-watering results.

It has to be said that what Gwyneth’s doing seems to be working. At 42 years old, she has the dewy skin and lithe figure of a woman in her prime. But boy does she appear to put some serious effort – and money – into achieving it!

Her regime has been totted up by beauty industry experts for the Daily Mail, who estimated it to cost a staggering £14,000 a month.

Microdermabrasion and more – Gwyneth’s beauty secrets

You could never accuse Gwyneth of a lack of commitment when it comes to health and beauty. She covers all the bases, from nutrition to facials, workouts, massages, stylists and make-up artists, and even runs her own successful lifestyle website, Goop.

So how does she spend so much?

Well, firstly, she’s said to partake of a stress-busting Reiki massage once a month, which costs in the region of £185 per 90-minute session – adding up to a yearly spend of £2,220.

To do the heavy lifting when it comes to maintaining her youthful skin, twice-yearly Thermage laser rejuvenating treatments are on the menu, which are thought to cost almost £17,000!

Gwyneth is also said to enjoy minimally invasive procedures whenever she’s in New York, including microdermabrasion, oxygen mist treatments and electronic muscle stimulation, adding up to nearly £1,500 a year.

And when in Los Angeles, she’s thought to be partial to a regular facial using apple stem cells, forking out an estimated £300 each session, or £12,000 a year.

Also in LA, she’s said to treat herself to monthly vitamin injections at £289 a pop. This tots up to around £3,500 over the year.

And finally, her hair isn’t neglected either. Treatments and trims are estimated to cost £6,000 a year, and a weekly blow dry sets her back around £5,000 a year.

Whew! We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

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