Microdermabrasion and chemical peel – I had it, now you try it!

Microdermabrasion treatment Hello, my name’s Kerry and up until 2 weeks ago, I was a skin treatments novice.

More at home in a Spar than a spa, I’ve never been one for pampering, make up, dresses or any of those sorts of things that women are supposed to like. But, on the 23rd April 2012, I started a new job at Aurora Clinics and everything changed…

Having been taken on to write content for the website, my manager decided that in order to sound like I know what I’m talking about, I needed to experience some procedures first hand. So one afternoon, I was beckoned into a treatment room.

In there were three lovely smiley ladies, and all of them looked like they’d done this before, which was a good start. I filled out a medical questionnaire and was told to lay on a couch, where I was given a headband to put on to make me look like a 1970s tennis player.

One of the ladies wrapped a towel around my shoulders (for reasons that will become clear later on), had a good look at my face, and then it was time to start.

A chemical peel begins…

The first thing she did was apply cleansing lotion to my face, using both hands and massaging as she went. In all honesty, this was so relaxing that she could probably have pulled out a chainsaw next and I’d have laid there and let her get on with it.

Once the cleanse was done, it was time for the first chemical peel. She started with a low concentration solution first to see how my skin took to it, applying it carefully all over my face with a soft brush. She told me I might start feeling a bit of heat, and held a small fan over my face so the cool air would minimise any discomfort.

In fact, the solution felt completely fine, with no real heat at all, so I relaxed and enjoyed the nice breeze for a couple of minutes while she talked to me.

I was told my skin was taking it well (i.e. not too much reddening), so I was a suitable candidate for a stronger peel. It was time to take it up a notch.

Now for a stronger peel

Immediately when she started to apply the more concentrated solution, I could feel the difference. My face began to heat up right away, starting gradually then gaining in intensity. It peaked with a feeling I could best describe as sunburn-esque – quite hot and a little bit stingy.

It wasn’t the hottest I’d ever felt, but it definitely felt like I was glowing – and the solution was clearly doing something. This time, I was glad of the cooling fan.

After a little while, some strips of soft gauze were soaked in cool water and applied to my face. Then a small amount more cool water was poured over them to bathe my face (hence the towel wrapped around my shoulders), and this felt absolutely lovely.

Once all the solution had been rinsed off, my face was patted dry with a soft towel, and my peel was complete.

…And a microdermabrasion to finish

Now it was time for my microdermabrasion. This felt exactly like a small hoover being passed over my skin, which is essentially what it is! That may not sound relaxing to you, but it really was.

If you can imagine hoovering the curtains, her technique was just like that, gently pulling my skin taut with one hand while she passed the tube over my skin with the other. I could happily have laid there all afternoon.

When she was satisfied she had treated my whole face, she sat me up and showed me to the mirror. I was blotchy, but I’d survived!

My verdict

I really didn’t know what to expect from my treatment, but have to say I’ve been completely won over.

The ladies were excellent at reassuring me at every step, so I always felt like I was in safe hands. Though I was a little nervous about the skin peel, they made sure to keep asking how it was feeling, and talked me through the stronger peel so that I knew exactly what to expect, as well as letting me know how my skin was reacting at every stage. And the microdermabrasion felt absolutely wonderful.

It takes a few treatments to get the most noticeable results, but in the first couple of days after my session, my skin felt smoother and cleaner than it had in ages – and I received several comments about my skin looking glowy and radiant.

I can honestly say I’d have these treatments again in a heartbeat, and now I know exactly what to expect, I can’t wait to jump on the treatment couch again!

To find out more about the microdermabrasion treatments and chemical skin peels on offer at Aurora clinics, give us a call on 01844 211777 or drop us an email to info@aurora-skin-clinics.co.uk.

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