Men apparently happier to receive unqualified cosmetic treatments

Skin care - does it really need to be different for men?Controversy surrounds the aesthetic beauty industry, with non-invasive cosmetic procedures proving to be a grey area for many.

Currently, there is no strict regulation with regard to who can and cannot administer such procedures (though this is likely set to change). How the industry itself regards the dilemma is one thing, but how about those who are seeking the treatments themselves?

According to recent research, while the majority of both men and women would prefer to receive treatment from a properly-trained medical professional, it seems that for those who don’t mind men are the least risk-averse.

From 2000 patients who were undergoing or planning to undergo non-invasive procedures and who undertook the survey, a pretty hefty minority – one quarter – of men would be fine with having an unqualified friend administering cosmetic procedures for them. This was compared to a much smaller 10% of the women surveyed.

For men, 17% would have Botox injected by someone not qualified to do so, 16% would receive dermal fillers and 19% would undergo body sculpting by unqualified hands.

By contrast a more cautious 10% of women would have Botox, 9% would get dermal fillers by a non-professional and 11% would undertake body sculpting.

Although in the minority the figures are still quite shocking, given that if the results went wrong it would be rather visible, either on the body or the face, and potentially even cause permanent damage.

Reassuringly, however, 62% did say they would prefer there to be stricter regulations within the industry.