Male celebrities who Botox

Male botoxFemale celebrities often come under press speculation about possible cosmetic procedures yet we seem to collectively steer from judging men in the same way, or certainly not as regularly anyway. So which men escape the constant scrutiny and are able to carry on with their Botox use undeterred?

1. Simon Cowell

Perhaps in this instance it’s fairer to admit that he does come under his fair share of comments and criticisms when it comes to his appearance and potential cosmetic treatments. His perfect white teeth and smoothed brow are almost as synonymous with him as his height and his high-waisted trousers. Almost.

2. Gordon Ramsay

Pertinent to list Ramsey under his mate Cowell as it was the latter who apparently convinced the fiery TV chef to invest in some Botox to make his craggy appearance more camera-ready. Ramsay’s frown lines were deep, extensive and almost as famous as he was and though he still sports some his lines have become a bit softer of late.

3. David Hasselhoff

The one-time Baywatch star and sometimes crooner to German fans is open about his Botox use and freely admits it helps him to stay looking younger for longer.

4. David Beckham

Has he or hasn’t he? This global hunk/sports star is as admired for his looks as he is his football skills but has his handsome face has some help over the years? He certainly looks very good for his 37 years and indeed sports of a bit of a tell-tale raised brow. Like his fashionista wife we suspect he’ll remain tight-lipped on the subject however.

5. Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard looks enviably young and line-free for a man in his seventies – he admits that he has tried Botox in the past however denies that he currently uses Botox.

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