Lip enhancement – which type of filling agent to plump for?

Permanent lip enhancementIf you have decided to have your lips filled, you have made the first decision. The next is whether or what type of implant to have.

The most common choice is between the Permalip implant, which lasts for up to 8 years, and dermal fillers, which needs to be re-done much more regularly. Least common of all is a fat transfer where fat is taken from another part of your body and inserted in to the lips.

With a dermal filler and Permalip implant the overall look is not too dissimilar, however opting for dermal fillers in the first instance can give you an idea of what you look like with your lips plumped without committing to it for too long first. If you are having other dermal fillers in your face, it may be that you decide to have the injections in your lips at the same time.

Permalip implants use an injection molding process to insert a pre-contoured soft, solid silicone elastomer, with a choice of different sizes to go for. The advantage of this is that the lip is already ‘shaped’ as such and so will give a natural lip outline. The fact that it lasts for 8 years is usually seen as a benefit however it is possible to reverse the procedure if you are unhappy with the result.

Far less common of all is an autologous fat transfer which is also considered to be relatively permanent. This is a good option for people who may not like the idea of putting a foreign substance in to their body.

The downside of the fat transfer is that it is far harder to determine what the outcome will be, and if you are displeased with the results then it’s far harder to reverse it than the Permalip option. Fat can be absorbed by the lips in different ways and so the result may be uneven, with some areas of the lip absorbing the fat.

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