Heard the latest skincare advice? A shave a day keeps the wrinkles at bay!

Get free skincare advice from Aurora If you’ve crossed the magical threshold of 30, you may find your curiosity piqued whenever you hear whispers of some new anti-ageing skincare advice.

Well…have you heard the latest?

This week, the radical wrinkle-busting solution du jour comes courtesy of our male friends, and a beauty habit most adhere to almost every day.

Not moisturising, cleansing, or toning. But shaving!

Lady shave

Yes, the media have been abuzz this week with reports suggesting that facial shaving is the reason men’s skin stays peachy – without the need for expensive skincare products. And the suggestion is that women seeking smoother skin should follow suit.

But what’s the ‘science bit’?

Well, dermatologists say it’s because the process of shaving is highly exfoliating, and works in a similar way to microdermabrasion.

The mild trauma inflicted by the razor stimulates the skin’s repair mechanism, increasing production of collagen which helps plump out and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Some enterprising companies have jumped on the idea already and brought out special lady blades – among them TV shopping company QVC and Chinese brand Tinkle, who have launched a new UK website to meet demand.

We love a new skin treatment as much as anyone, so we don’t see the harm in breaking out the Bic and giving it a go.

The only potential downside is the blunt regrowth feeling stubbly to the touch. But hey, there’s always a price to pay for beauty!

Or, stick to tried and trusted skincare advice…

But if you don’t fancy the idea of shaving your face, don’t worry. There is another way.

At Aurora, our expert aestheticians and nurses are always keen to share anti-ageing tips and skincare advice.

And we’ve two Open Evenings coming up where you can chat to them about anti-ageing skincare for free.

The Open Evenings are being held on Wednesday 18th February at the Gatehouse Clinic, Northampton, and on Monday 9th March at the Paddocks Clinic, Bucks.

Both evenings kick off at 6pm, are completely free and don’t require booking. You’re very welcome to pop in and stay for as long as you like on the night.

There’ll be live treatment demonstrations, advice on skin care products, the chance to speak to a surgeon, free goodie bags and lots more. Why not bring some friends and make an evening of it?

To give you a flavour, watch our video of Ruth Atkins discussing how our team can create your personalised skincare routine.

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