Korean former model corrects effects of cooking oil injected in to her face

Korean model injects cooking oil into her faceWhen former model Hang Mioku was denied further cosmetic treatments due to her unnatural obsession with having silicone fillers in her face, she took matters in to her own hands and resorted to injecting black market silicone and even cooking oil in to her face herself.

As a result her face became swollen and unrecognisable, to the point where her own parents did not recognise her. Even now, following reconstructive surgery to reverse the damage she had inflicted upon herself, her face has been left permanently disfigured.

Mioku’s obsession with facial fillers and silicone began at the age of 28 when she underwent her first course of treatment. Originally from Korea, she moved to Japan to pursue a singing career. Here she received more injections, to the point where doctors began to refuse treatment as her face was already swollen in size due to the amount of silicone in her face.

At this point Mioku sourced her own silicone and began injecting it freely in to her own face; when this ran out she started to inject cooking oil, so obsessed was she with achieving a constantly smooth and soft facial appearance.

The result was a grossly swollen and misshapen face which has since taken 10 operations to attempt to correct. Back in Mioku’s native Korea a television appeal raised the funds necessary to pay for her reconstructive surgery. During which 60 grams of silicone, oil and other foreign substances were extracted from her face and a whopping 200 grams taken from her neck.

She is still marred by it and reportedly wishes she had kept her old face and looks.