Did Kim get fillers? Internet abuzz over Kardashian’s bare derriere

Did Kim Kardashian enhance her bottom with fillers?If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last couple of days, you’ve probably seen something of the fabled Kim Kardashian. Well, probably quite a LOT of her actually.

A revealing photo shoot for Paper magazine, in which her famous rear appears bare as the day she was born, has had people speculating over her seemingly bigger bum.

Could it be that Kim has had fillers injected into her legendary bottom?

It seems a little far-fetched. We know very well how effective facial fillers can be for adding volume where it’s needed.

But putting it delicately, we’re not sure extra bottom volume was high on the priority list in Kim’s case. She was blessed in that department already.

Besides which, a face is a considerably smaller area than Ms Kardashian’s buttocks – would fillers even make a difference to a derriere?

Fillers a possibility, says US Plastic Surgeon

Surprisingly, Dr Michael Salzhauer, a Miami-based Board certified Plastic Surgeon, doesn’t rule it out as a possibility – though he hopes she hasn’t.

Speaking to Hollywood Life magazine, Dr Salzhauer explained:

“Butt injections are fillers that are injected through a needle to expand the butt. Some are permanent (eg — silicone) others are temporary (hyaluronic acid). However, all are riskier than using your own fat, because the body can react harshly to the foreign material injected. It can cause chronic inflammation or permanent disfigurement. I hope for Kim’s sake she didn’t go this route.”

Not sure we agree with the Doctor’s grave assessment of hyaluronic acid fillers. The substance occurs naturally in the human body, so complications are rare. And several million people safely undergo treatment with fillers every year.

Though it must be said, most of those will stick to having treatment in their face.

The truth about Kim

The cold hard fact is that, in spite of Kim’s incredibly public persona, there are certain things about her life we’ll never truly know.

She may have had fillers in her derriere, she may well not have. She probably hasn’t had bottom implants (you might remember she had an X-ray to prove her curves were natural not long ago). But beyond that, we’re in the dark.

And it’s surely this mystique that’s responsible for Kim’s enduring appeal. Keep us guessing, Ms Kardashian, keep us guessing.

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