Katie Price slams Madonna’s ‘swollen blancmange’ look

Madonna sparked a wave of criticism following her appearance at Beyonce’s Sounds of Change concert in Twickenham on 1 June, as her face showed visible signs of having been plumped up.

Perhaps the most surprising critic however was former glamour model Katie Price, who is herself well known for having multiple cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

No holding back

Using her Sun column as her soapbox the mum-of-three poses the question regarding the Queen of Pop: “what is going on with her now?” Continuing, she attempts to answer herself:

“When she walked out on to the stage at the weekend I couldn’t even concentrate on what she was saying because I was mesmerised by her puffy cheeks and stretched eyes.

“She looks like a swollen blancmange.

“It looks to me like she’s had way too much filler because of the creases under her eyes and God knows what has been injected in the rest of her face.”

Seemingly aware she risked being labelled a hypocrite for her comments, the ex-page 3 girl was quick to mention her own work that she has had done, including when she thinks it hasn’t gone well:

“ There are many times when I have my lips injected and think I look ‘ducky’”

And though it would appear that Price believes Madonna is not growing old gracefully and despite undertaking anti-ageing procedures herself, she claims her Botox use is just to look “fresh”, rather than to shave some years off.

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