“I went too far with Botox and fillers” admits Katie Price

Botox injectionsHer love of cosmetic treatments is well-known, but now glamour girl Katie Price has admitted she went a little too far in her quest for perfection.

The model formerly known as Jordan was in confessional mode this week on the radio show she co-hosts with comedian Mark Dolan.

Speaking on internet-based FUBAR Radio, she revealed she has recently seen the error of her ways after looking back at old photographs:

“When I look back at pictures I think, ‘Oh my god!'”

Botox overkill

She went on to explain: “Sometimes I’ve gone too far with it – my lips and my face – but I recognise that. You don’t have Botox to look younger, it’s just to refresh your face. A few years ago I think I went too far with the Botox, fillers and lips. I think I’ve eased off it now.”

But Katie isn’t ready to forgo all cosmetic help. The pregnant star revealed she’s planning to undergo a breast lift after her fifth baby – believed to be a girl – is born.

In inimitable Katie Price fashion, she colourfully explains that the surgery is to stop her feeling like an “orangutan”.

Speaking to a plastic surgeon live on air, she revealed she’d like the procedure within 6 months of giving birth, but was advised to wait 9-12 months.

She appeared to take the advice on board, even advising listeners not to go overboard in their aesthetic adventures and make the same mistakes as her:

“You have to be sensible when you have surgery, don’t go too far like I have done in the past.”

She’s quite right – you can go too far with Botox and dermal fillers. But in the right hands, performed by qualified and experienced practitioners who’ll tell you when you’ve had enough, they can be a highly effective treatment for subtle rejuvenation.

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