Kate Hudson’s low maintenance skin care routine

Kate Hudson has revealed her pared-down approach to skin care in a magazine interview – which apparently consists of little more than a ‘soap and water’ routine.

What seems a catchy headline however – Hollywood star eschews skin care routine – actually turns out to be simply a basic but nonetheless considered regime. The actress admits that her skin benefits from a less-is-more approach but still invests in good quality cleanser and moisturiser. She also uses an eye cream for the delicate eye area which is prone to ageing soonest.

What the 33-year-old doesn’t do is apply additional products such as facial serums as she has learned that her skin doesn’t like to be overworked – and it is true that some skins are more sensitive than others and can be disrupted through using too many products.

What Kate also stresses the importance of however is getting a good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water. She also told how that now she is in her thirties she takes greater care and consideration over skin, saying:

“I feel the older you get, the more focused you are on your skincare regime. You know, in my 20s, I probably wasn’t very nice to my skin. As I got into my late 20s, I was like, ‘Oh, I should probably stay out of the sun. I should probably start doing some kinds of masks and getting more facials.”

So despite it seeming as if she forgoes skin care what she actually reveals is that she looks after her skin and has found what works best for her through trial and error.

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