John Mayer gets Botox for his voice

Botox treatmentJohn Mayer is the latest celebrity to have Botox…but not in the fight against wrinkles as is usually the case. Mayer has actually had trouble with his vocal chords and has used Botox to paralyse them, in a bid to get them back to shape so that he can start performing again.

The American singer had started to suffer with his vocal chords, which meant he struggled with singing. He engaged Dr Steven Zeitels, a renowned laryngeal expert who became even better known when Adele publicly thanked for him for his work with her at the Grammy’s last year.

Mayer began a course of treatment that included Botox and periods of rest for his voice. It still wasn’t enough so he then began Botox treatment more intensely, paralysing his chords over a period of months.

His problems arose from the stress of constant touring and performing on his voice however he also suffered from acid reflux which exacerbated the problems with his throat. This is believed to have been made worse by his poor lifestyle, which included drinking and consuming an unhealthy diet.

He is now planning to return to the stage with a 40-day tour. Dr Zeitels has worked with other famous singers, including Steven Tyler, and has become something of a go-to within the music industry.