Jackie Stallone opens up about her cosmetic work, and admits she may have gone too far…

Talking to The Daily Mail, US socialite Jackie Stallone opens up about her life, her recent heart attack and how she stays looking younger than her 91 years.

Though she doesn’t talk of specific surgeries her regular cosmetic upkeep consists of chemical peels and fillers, the latter she admits that she probably has too much of:

“I do (have cosmetic procedures) and actually I’ve got too much, I look like I’ve got a mouth full of nuts – it’s Juvederm, too much of it. I feel as though I look like a chipmunk.”

She describes how she has chemical peels too however claims she doesn’t need Botox as she still has a naturally smooth forehead. It’s not just cosmetic maintenance however that keeps her sprightly for her age; she also puts her fitness and appearance down to her diet and exercise. Every day she will eat spinach with a boiled egg on top, and regularly attends fitness classes.

Life hasn’t been all plain sailing for the socialite however as she also describes how last year sent her a devastating blow in the form of two tragic deaths, leading, she believes, to a heart attack two months ago. Her daughter, Toni Ann, developed lung cancer last year and died from the disease some months later, whilst her grandson died of a heart attack aged only 36.

Discussing happier times however she is proud to admit she put son Sylvester Stallone through ballet and tap dancing classes when he was a child, and believes these may have helped him in one of his most important film roles to date, the Rocky franchise:

“All the Rocky movies are all choreographed and he did all the choreographing. He doesn’t know how to box any more than I do, that was from the ballet and the tap that he studied.”

She did also admit however that both she and his father did not believe he would amount to anything when he was older. How wrong they were!