Is Madonna launching a new skincare range?

Skin care is important at any ageA couple of weeks ago, Madonna posted a photo of herself on Instagram along with the hashtag #MDNASKIN, prompting speculation she may be launching her own skin care range soon (MDNA being the name of her last, (sort-of) self-titled album).

Madonna is an entrepreneur, so why not? She’s also a fan of health, beauty and anti-ageing so this is one area of specialism that could be entirely up her street.

Other non-music business forays have included a perfume collection as well as a number of books over the years (Sex, anyone?). She also launched a chain of gyms called Hard Candy Fitness – in keeping with her commitment and desire to keep in shape.

Upon further investigation the hashtag leads to a site with a launch date alongside a photo of the pop starlet herself. Seemingly the first launch of MDNA skincare will happen in Japan imminently.

Madonna has become as well-known for her self-preservation as she has her illustrious music career and her changeable image over the years.

Not only is she in incredible shape for a woman in her fifties (or teens, or twenties, or thirties, or…you get the picture) she is also rumoured to have undergone various anti-ageing procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers. It’s possible she may also have had a full or a mini facelift.

What will be included in the range – and at what prices – remains to be seen, but we are very much looking forward to finding out.