Is ‘freezing’ facial treatment the reason behind Demi Moore’s youthful looks?

Demi Moore, who is nearing her 50th birthday yet arguably looks at least a decade younger, was recently spotted leaving Cyro Healthcare Clinic in Los Angeles, a clinic which offers anti-ageing treatments based on blasting the skin with ultra-cold air.

The procedure was devised in 1978 in Japan for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis yet, like many other medical advances, it has now crossed over to the world of aesthetic skin treatments.

The low temperature blasted at the skin of the face or the body is believed to stimulate collagen re-growth, as well as release endorphins and speed up metabolism. The technique is also used to treat sports injuries as it helps reduce inflammation.

As Moore, who separated from younger husband Ashton Kutcher last year, is not known as a sportsperson it’s likely she is using the treatment for its anti-ageing results.

It is also known to help with weight loss as it can burn between 500 and 800 calories just after the treatment however Moore, who has reportedly suffered from addiction and eating disorders over the last 12 months, is already so thin that it is unlikely to be for this.

Other celebrities who have had the treatment are Dancing With The Stars contestant Katherine Jenkins and professional dancer Derek Hough, although their treatments were for injuries sustained through taking part in the show.

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