Irish clinician blasts Botox booze parties

Botox treatmentAn Irish cosmetic clinic owner has publicly denounced Botox parties, where women come together and drink and have a giggle together…and get Botox treatment, as “immoral”.

Patricia Molloy, who opened Ireland’s first medical cosmetic practice 15 years ago, has revealed what she believes are the dangers of such parties.

For such parties women gather together at someone’s house for the evening, much in the way a Tupperware or Ann Summers party might be held – but in this instance it’s for a night of drinking with anti-wrinkle injectibles. A practitioner will come to the home and offer group discounts as there are multiple customers.

Ms Molloy believes that the group situation could apply peer pressure on women and lead to impulsive decisions. With the addition of alcohol it’s possible that ill-informed judgements will be made. Alcohol consumption would also increase the likelihood of the skin bruising.

In addition to Botox, parties are also being held for lip or facial fillers. Ms Molloy recommends that such treatments are undertaken in a clinic and with proper consultation prior to treatment.