Interview – Skin peels for acne scarring

Chemical skin peel The best way to find out about treatments is from people who’ve been there and done it. So today we’re delighted to be talking to Viv from our sister company Cosmetic Courses.

Viv is currently receiving a course of chemical skin peels to help improve her acne scars.

Hi Viv, could you tell us about the treatment you’re having?

I’m getting a course of six Agera skin peels – once every two weeks for 12 weeks. They’re combination peels with lactic, salicylic and citric acid. I’ve had two peels so far, and I’ll be getting my third tomorrow.

What are you hoping to get out of your treatment?

The primary goal is to reduce my acne scarring, make my skin smoother and even out my skin tone, so I’ll need to wear less make up as a result.

Can you tell us what the peels are like?

They definitely feel warm and tingly when the peel solution goes on, but no more than I can handle! Each layer is only left on for about 5 minutes, which is absolutely fine. In my first peel, I had just one layer of solution applied to treat one layer of skin. The second time I had two layers, and the plan is to increase the concentration of the solution slightly next time.

How is your skin after a peel? Do you need any ‘down time’?

No, there’s no down time as such. You’ll be red and blotchy for a little while and do need to avoid make up for the rest of the day, so if you need to wear make up for work, it’s worth booking the rest of the day off after your peel. You’re fine to wear mineral make up the next day.

About 3 days after each peel, my skin goes flaky with a few dry patches – but everyone’s skin reacts differently. Some people won’t visibly peel at all, and it’ll be a more gradual thing.

Are you using anything else alongside the peels?

I’ve been recommended a few products to help – a deep cleaning salicylic wash, an oil-free Agera moisturiser, and an anti-bacterial peptide cream for breakouts. My skin usually reacts badly to products, but these three have been completely fine – no reaction at all.

So the big question – two treatments in, have you noticed a difference?

Yes, definitely. I’ve really noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin, and I’m already wearing less make up, which is great.

If someone you know was thinking of having the same treatment, would you recommend it?


Do you have any other treatments planned?

I’m planning on keeping up with microdermabrasion once a month as an ongoing thing, and once my course of peels is finished, I’d like to have a peel perhaps every 6 months for maintenance.

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