India sees new wave of ‘Botox brides’

Botox treatmentDress? Check. Flowers? Check. Botox appointment? Check.

Brides wanting to look amazing on their big day is nothing new. In times gone by, they would have satisfied themselves with a gorgeous dress, fabulous flowers, beautiful hair and perfect make up.

But with non-surgical treatments increasing in popularity all the time, and becoming ever more mainstream, there’s a new beauty essential in town – particularly in India.

Skin experts there say that ‘Botox brides’ are on the increase.

Rise of the Botox bride…

“Everyone is conscious about their skin and appearance and it leads to a huge demand for bridal Botox treatments. Women plan their wedding and cosmetic treatments well in advance with the help of experts. They do a Botox trial run about three-four months ahead of the wedding day,” according to Delhi-based cosmetic dermatologist Vandana Chatrath.

But what’s perhaps surprising is that the most popular reason brides seek out Botox is not for ironing out their wrinkles and crows feet – but to prevent sweating.

Rashmi Shetty, a cosmetic physician in Mumbai, explains: “The most popular Botox treatment among brides is treatment for hyperhidrosis (controlling excessive sweating). No bride wants to don a sweaty patch under her armpit especially on her wedding day and in her wedding pictures.”

So it gives you smooth line-free skin, and stops you sweating on your dress – it seems Botox could well be a bride’s best friend!

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