Important Dermal Fillers Aftercare Instructions to Follow

Right after getting a dermal fillers treatment, photos of you will be taken and be compared to your previous pictures before you underwent the skin procedure. This is done to check what the instant effects are as well as the dermal fillers aftercare instruction that you will need to follow. Keep in mind that it’s important that you abide with the necessary follow-up care advices after getting dermal fillers in order to maintain its wonderful effect.

Actually, there are just a few things to avoid following the treatment. The dermal fillers aftercare instructions you need to do 12 hours after having the procedure includes staying away from having intense facial expressions, stop alcohol intake and avoid putting on makeup. Following these advices will let the product have enough time to sink in its place. Most importantly, avoiding makeup during this time will really help evade any possible infections that are often caused by cosmetics going through the tiniest puncture that the needle from the injection would have created. It’s also essential that two weeks after the procedure, you avoid going to sauna or exposing your skin in snow and extreme temperatures.

The benefit of this non-surgical procedure is that you’ll be able to see the changes in your face soon after the skin treatment. Yet obtaining the best results from the treatment will vary upon the amount of product used during the procedure, which is delivered by the syringe; hence, it can sometimes take more than one syringe to bring fantastic effects. Lastly, knowing and understanding the dermal fillers aftercare instructions will really help you maintain its great effect.