I’m a Celebrity contestants Nadine Dorries and Helen Flanagan chat Botox

Botox injectionNadine Dorries, ex-Conservative MP (since being given the boot anyway) is more famous for being a politician than for giving skin care advice, but that all changed last night as she was shown giving 22 year old actress Helen Flanagan a talk on the work that she has had done.

She revealed that she has had Botox and also hinted that she may have had more work to keep her appearance youthful. With Flanagan’s interest piqued the 55-year-old politician perhaps realised she was on slightly dodgy ground and seemed to backtrack, in a possible attempt to avoid being seen to promote the treatment to someone so young.

After admitting her work she then said that it’s not a good idea to start too young, insisting: “I haven’t had a lot of help though. I’ve never said ‘make me look younger’ I always just asked them to stop me looking older.”

The main show was given a hiatus due to an England football match being screened on ITV1, however the ITV2 show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here Now’ aired the footage.

Whilst Dorries may not have wanted to discuss Botox in too much detail to a 22-year-old, it seemed that this was nonetheless endorsed by panel member Bobby Cole-Norris, hair salon owner from The Only Way is Essex, who admitted to having the treatment at the grand old age of 25.

Whilst Dorries may be a success story for Botox (she does look good her age after all), the youngsters may risk looking ‘overdone’ and actually possibly older than they are if they opt for the procedure at too early an age, and too often.

We reported recently on the rise of Botox for the twenties generation. Hopefully Flanagan’s interest was mainly in the conversation rather than considering the treatment herself. Twenty two is almost certainly too young for Botox and what’s more we think she looks fine as she is!

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