How to look after your children’s skin in winter

It’s a given that children don’t need to follow the same sort of skin regime as their parents. Children’s skin regenerates itself and also has just the right balance of moisture – adding too much to the skin can result in it becoming reliant on external products to prevent it from becoming dry.

However in the winter children’s skin needs extra care and protection, so following these basic steps will help ensure your child’s skin retains its natural vitality:

1. Avoid hot baths

As tempting as it is to warm your child with a hot, bubbly bath doing this is actually worse for their skin as the heat will encourage it to dry out. Instead, reduce the number of baths that they take and when you do bathe them try to keep the water warm rather than hot. Bubble bath can also dry out skin as well as exacerbate any existing skin conditions so avoid this where possible.

2. Cover up their skin outdoors

Making sure your child is well covered with hat, gloves and a scarf that can reach up to the ears will mean that they have less surface area exposed to the harsh winter elements. Small hands in particular are especially vulnerable and can become chafed.

3. Vaseline or SPF for chapped lips

Although it’s important to allow children’s lips to produce their own necessary moisture, in the coldest winter they often need a little extra help. Avoid products with lots of ingredients and instead opt for Vaseline as a protective barrier. A thick sunblock designed for lips with provide similar protection.

4. Apply a light moisturiser

Skin is under attack during the winter months, not just from the biting winds and cold but by central heating, too. Look for a gentle and light moisturiser that is designed for children and where the ingredients are as natural as possible.

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