How to look after acne prone skin in the sun

Skin careWhen the temperatures start hitting peaks like the UK is currently witnessing it can be tempting for the acne sufferer to get as much sun as possible on their unprotected visage, in order to dry out the spots and therefore help clear their skin.

Whilst it’s true that the sun can be of benefit to blemished and oily skin it is still imperative to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s worth noting too that the warm weather can have a negative impact for those with spots.

If you do suffer from extreme acne through to skin which is prone to spots, follow our guide to keeping the skin in top condition:

1. Go make-up free

For the severe sufferer this may seem like harsh advice, but at least during the time you are in the sun try to strip all make-up off. The sun will make you sweat which in itself will clog up pores – this will become even worse when you add make-up to the mix, particularly when you have already applied sunscreen which tends to be oily.

2. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day

To help the problem of clogged pores through sweating make sure you gently cleanse your face morning and night. Avoid over-scrubbing as abrasive movements across the face can disrupt the skin’s surface and cause further outbreaks.

3. Use an SPF with a minimum of 30

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to apply a thick sunscreen to your face it is worth it so as to avoid longer-term skin damage. If you have oily skin it’s fine to switch from your normal daily moisturiser to a sun block so you don’t double up – a good sunscreen will also moisturise your face. Look for brands that specialise in non-oily formulas.

4. Avoid touching your face and ensure sunglasses are clean!

In warm weather we are far likelier to touch our faces so you need to make sure you avoid doing this, especially as they are likely to sweat more easily and therefore carry more dirt on them. Carry hand wipes with you so that when you need to re-apply sunscreen to your face you can make sure your hands are spotlessly clean before you do so.

Use these wipes to regularly clean your sunglasses around the rims and nose area as well, as sweat and dirt will stick to the glasses and stay on your skin.

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