How to avoid wrinkly eyes

Skin care is important at any ageAgeing creeps up on all of us with the most obvious signs first affecting the face.

Often the area that people start to see the signs quickest, and start to dread, is the delicate eye area. This is because the skin is very thin in this area and it’s also the area that is likely to be touched the most.

Here are some simple steps in delaying dreaded crow’s feet:

1. Avoid moving the skin around the eye too much

Although you may not be aware of it the eye area is probably what gets touched, pulled and wiped the most on our face. Over use may include rubbing your eyes, taking eye make off vigorously, crying and wiping tears and even applying eye cream. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes and when you apply cream or make up remover be sure to use delicate, sweeping motions rather than rubbing.

2. Wear sunglasses

UVA and UVB rays are harmful to the skin and so you need to protect your skin with a high SPF and also choose sunglasses that offer UV protection. Sunglasses offer double protection as they will also help you to avoid squinting in the sun, the action of which can lead to wrinkles.

3. Wear age appropriate eye cream

Starting to apply eye cream from your mid-twenties onwards is a good idea as this area often needs more intensive treatment. Add the cream in small blotches around the eye area and then push softly in to the skin rather than rubbing in. This will make sure that you are not aggravating the area and will also mean that the cream is fully absorbed.

4. Get plenty of sleep, remain dehydrated and exercise

These are all useful tips for delaying the signs of ageing generally however if you are lacking in these it is likely to show up around the eye area first. Lack of sleep can contribute to ageing dark circles or puffiness and a lack of adequate hydration will show up as fine lines around the eyes. Plenty of exercise will ensure that there is a regular blood supply to the eye area plumping out any fine lines.

Sometimes, of course, genetics will play a part in how susceptible you are to wrinkles, as well as age itself so if you find the above steps are not reversing your wrinkles significantly enough then talk through your concerns with your dermatologist.

It may be that Botox or a course of chemical peels or microdermabrasion will be recommended.

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