How much should a Botox treatment cost?

Botox treatments are varied in price from region to region and in different clinics.

As a guide price full botox treatment to 3 normal areas which are the brow frown lines between your eyes, the cross lines in your forehead and crows feet area should cost bewteen £250 to £300.

Some clinics advertise treatment for less than this but beware as this may not include all 3 areas, I have heard clinics advertise for botox from £50 however on closer examination this only includes one outer eye area.

In practice very few people would just want one eye only.

I would encourage you to fully investigate the costs in different clinics in your area prior to treatment and I would be aware that the prices stated by some less scrupulous clinics can be confusing for you.

I would generally advise you to be against a practitioner who offers cheap treatment or not often the best use of the products and I would advise you to make sure that you get the best possible treatment with the best practitioner and at a price that you’ll be satisfied.