How easy it is to remove moles in your face

Mole Removal by Curettage

It depends on the mole.

Essentially brown flat moles are harder to remove than round protuberant moles. This is because the flat brown moles have a  deeper element and hence need to be removed more deeply.

The knobly moles which protrude on the skin are rather like icebergs with the majority of the ice above the surface.

These moles can simply be removed by a technique such as curettage which simply scoops the area out, leaving you with a pale patch which fades at the side of the mole.

The moles on the face due to increase in size and eventually becomes more hairy and protuberant.

I therefore recommend it to be removed at an early stage before they get too unsightly.  It is more difficult to remove them and will leave bigger  scars when they are larger so please if you feel you would like to get a mole removed, act sooner than later.