How do you check cheap Botox isn’t cheap for a reason?

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With a continuing rise in demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments, the competition to get patients through the door is getting tough. Some clinics are resulting to offering injectable treatments at incredibly low prices. A good idea for the consumer you ask? The likelihood is, probably not.

Injectable treatments, in particular Botulinum Toxin, are costly due to the expense of suitably qualified practitioners using high quality products and meeting the necessary safety requirements. In order to meet these costs clinics and practitioners set their prices accordingly.

Why avoid places advertising cheap Botox?

Clinics offering cheap prices for Botox are out to make a profit, quickly, and are therefore likely to keep start-up costs to a minimum.
In order to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money when it comes to Botox injections, we have put together a checklist to help you make an informed decision:

1. Have you done your research?

Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been invested by companies into research on Botulinum Toxin, with further development into discovering new ways in which the toxin can be used to treat various conditions.
When you’re considering having Botox, it is best to be prepared. Spending the time researching the product, what the treatment entails and any post treatment side effects, helps you to make an informed decision on whether or not to go ahead with the treatment.
The next step is finding the correct clinic and practitioner. Look for patient reviews and see if they have any before and after photos, so you can see first-hand other patient’s results.

2. How well trained is the practitioner?


To be able to administer Botox, all practitioners need to be a Doctor, Dentist or Prescribing Nurse, and be registered with the GMC, (General Medical Council) NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) or GDC (General Dental Council)
Clinics should be investing in training and ongoing education for all qualified practitioners to ensure the delivery of safe treatments to patients. . Attending conferences, workshops, meetings and receiving any training updates allows them to be able to achieve this.

3. Does the clinic have insurance? And are they registered with regulatory bodies?

Medical malpractice insurance is vital to anyone working within the healthcare industry. It provides public liability and professional indemnity cover to safeguard against claim of negligence, and is there to protect both the patient and the practitioner. Registering and validating with the necessary regulatory bodies that allow practitioners to administer non-surgical treatments, is another added expense to the clinic, however, is essential to protecting the well-being of patients. Organisations such as ‘Save Face’ assess clinics to ensure they meet the required standards. This verification makes it easier to assess the credentials of the clinic

4. Is it a safe environment?

Practitioners must provide a safe and secure environment to administer non-surgical procedures. These must comply with Health and Safety legislation, to ensure patient records and products are stored correctly. This comes at a cost to the clinic, however, is essential to ensure policies and procedures are in place to give you peace of mind when you come in for your treatments.

Upon entering a clinic, check 3 things:

  1. Qualifications: Check that the practitioner is a registered Doctor, Dentist or Prescribing Nurse. They may have their certificate displayed, but if not you can ask for it upon request. If they don’t give you this, then think very carefully before proceeding with the treatment.
  2. Training: Some practitioners like to display their training certificates and achievements within their treatment room. If they don’t have these displayed anywhere in the clinic, you can ask about their training and request to see copies, if they hold them within the premises.
  3. Location: All treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers should only be carried out in a clean, safe and appropriate clinical environment to avoid infection and permanent physical damage. Treatments should not be carried out in a home, a hotel room or at a party.

Don’t settle for low quality of care

When you book in for a treatment with a clinic, the practitioner has a duty of care to you as their patient. They therefore must ensure that a full consultation and assessment is carried out, and you receive the correct treatment for your needs. They must be available to answer any questions or queries that you may have and make sure you are comfortable to progress to the procedure. They must also ensure that you have received the correct information before and after your treatment.

Know your rights
As a patient you have the right to expect a good quality of service and a high standard of treatment, which is carried out in an appropriate environment. Botulinum Toxin injections should therefore never be carried out at a party, in a hotel room, or at home. When receiving any treatment you should expect to be treated with respect, be given the correct level of care and attention from your practitioner, and be kept fully informed of everything that is happening throughout your appointment.

Save Face
Aurora Skin Clinics: Photo showing Save Face AccreditationWe have become members of the authoritative body, Save Face. In order to help take away the hassle and time searching websites for clinics, they have a search engine that has a list of approved clinics in the industry. Each practitioner has been individually assessed against a stringent set of standards by a Save Face Clinics Assessor, and they monitor and verify feedback to ensure all listed practitioners on their register practice to their high quality standards.
Like Save Face, we strongly believe that your safety is of the upmost importance. Don’t settle for cheap treatments, expect and demand more, but be prepared to pay appropriately for the service. See how the Save Face search engine works and find a practitioner that you can trust.

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