How do Botox injections in the crows feet Region produce raised Eyebrows

(Brow Lift) Botox and (Botulinum Toxins injections) work by relaxing the muscles in the region that they have injected.   The muscles affected are within a diameter of 1cm of the injection site.

If your practitioner injects Botox into 2 to 4 areas in the crows feet area, this results in a decrease downward pull.

The decrease in the downward pull produces a raise in your eyebrow which is known as a brow lift.

A brow lift can be achieved by surgery in which cases is known as a surgical  brow lift or by Botox injection in which case it is known by as a chemical brow lift.

This technique tends to work best in younger patients with strong downward pulling muscles in the crows feet areas.

Generally the Botox injectiosn in this area can produces a pleasing attractive elevation in the outer part of eyelid which can produce refreshed and rejuvenated eyebrow region .