How can you predict how your skin will age?

Skin care requirements change with ageIt’s a well-known saying that men should gauge what their potential wives will look like when they’re older by looking at their mother – and this can be true, but not quite to the extent that this adage gives credence to.

Of course you can never really tell exactly what you will look like, however genetics, the physiology of your face and your lifestyle will be good indicators of what your face will become.

If you are already seeing small signs of ageing, then these areas are where your face will most likely be more deeply impacted by ageing. If the line between your brows was the first to appear, or fine lines around the eyes, then these areas will deepen first. How plump your face naturally is will also make a difference – the thinner the skin on your face, the quicker it will age.

Genes do also play a part in it, though experts estimate that this accounts for only 25% of the effects of ageing, so not as big a part as may have been thought previously. It is still worthwhile to look at your parents and grandparents to see if you have a bit of extra luck on your side and if your family tends to age well (or otherwise).

The biggest single factor however is your environment and lifestyle, and the great thing about this is that you have control over it.

A variety of factors will make a difference to your skin over time – the most prominent of which is sun damage. Reducing exposure and wearing a high SPF will noticeably delay the signs of ageing.

Free radicals speed up the ageing process so keep toxins to a minimum. Free radicals can be found in alcohol, cigarettes and pollution. Stress can also cause them. Minimise these factors but also help combat free radicals by filling up on anti-oxidant and vitamin rich foods. Plenty of exercise will also keep your skin looking healthy and plump for as long as possible.

So it’s possible to wage a guess at how you’ll age by going by your own appearance and that of your elders in your family but also by how healthy your lifestyle is.

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