Hot beauty treatments used by celebrities on the red carpet

Celebrity cosmetic treatmentAward season for the film industry is fast approaching and with it the myriad of preparations within the beauty industry.

The amount of work that beauticians and plastic surgeons perform in Hollywood rises meteorically during this time of year, when starlets seek to look their best on the red carpet.

So what beauty treatments might stars be indulging in this year?

1. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels

Due to cosmetic work that celebrities undertake being so publicised the look the famous now strive for is far less obvious, with non-invasive procedures often being more popular than invasive corrective or anti-ageing surgeries.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are pushing the boundaries all the time, with skin tightening, evening up skin tone and diminishing being the goal for many.

2. Zit zapper

The worst thing a celebrity can have to face on the red carpet is a dreaded zit. For this reason many have their skin doctors on call to come to the rescue of a complexion-destroying breakout. The zit-zapping cortisone shots is the most effective – an injection straight to the affected area will rid the sufferer of said spot within 48 hours.

To make the treatment yet more effective, the combination of the shot with Intense Pulse Light can reduce the turnaround time to 24 hours. Et voila – a clear complexion the following day!

3. IV vitamin injection

Some celebs will go to any lengths to get a youthful glow, which means more stabs and jabs with a needle – this time for a quick dose of all-important vitamins. The concoction of vitamins is said to result in a brighter and clearer complexion, clearer eyes and a burst of energy. Important for those late nights spent collecting awards.

4. Head-to-toe facials

Particularly for the female contingent, who are often displaying more flesh than their male counterparts, a facial on the visage is simply not enough.

Beauty therapists instead offer a head-to-toe facial, ensuring the skin is in prime condition from the very top to the tippy toes. And it’s probably nice for those busy stars to get a lie down for an hour, after all.