Holly gets a skin peel

Having written previously about her experience of Botox, Holly, our intrepid receptionist at the Gatehouse, decided it was time to try a skin peel. Here’s how she got on…

Chemical skin peelSo I had my first skin peel. I wasn’t really sure what this entailed, but Jenna explained to me that there would be a solution applied to my face – the strength of which would be the starting point of 20 percent AHA.

This acidic solution would work on the top layer of my skin. Jenna pointed out that the feeling of the solution may well tingle, everyone of course having a different variety of experience in this.

Before applying it to my face, Jenna said that whilst this happened I may find some relief from her tapping the skin (I did find this to be the case).

Feeling the heat

The solution for a first timer is left on for a maximum of 5 minutes. So I laid back and indeed felt a slightly warm sensation. I was more aware of this feeling on my forehead then the rest of my face – Jenna’s tapping motions were most welcome and worked as a distraction from the sensation.

After the application time had passed a neutralising agent is sprayed onto your face – ah the relief! For me immediately the feeling of heat in my skin stopped. For some people if necessary a cool damp gauze can be used to bring the skin back to its normal feeling.

Jenna then applied a barrier cream to keep in the moisture. I must admit I did not make it to the 5 minute mark.

I expected to see in my reflection more redness than I did. There was a very slight rosy tinge to my chin and forehead, which subsided within a short while. I was back at my desk straight after the treatment and did not feel uncomfortable in my appearance.

The next day my skin felt so smooth, I really could both see and feel the difference.

So next time I may go in for the combined microdermabrasion and skin peel to get that extra glow – or I may just try to go the full five minutes.