Hen weekend skin care treatments

Beautiful skinHen and stag weekends are a long held tradition where the important male and female wedding guests gather (separately) before the big day to celebrate the end of the bride and groom’s single years.

As weddings have got progressively larger affairs so too have hen and stag weekends with whole weekends usually set aside for them.

As a result there’s increasing pressure to offer guests an enjoyable and fun time – from weekend breaks in European cities to adventure days closer to home.

Increasingly, it seems that women are using this opportunity to host skin treatment parties, as a way of the female guests getting together and bonding, whilst providing them with the perfect opportunity to get their skin looking its best before the big day.

Types of hen weekends of this nature can include spa days or weekends, with face and body treatments, or group appointments for more serious skin treatments including Botox and chemical peels. Depending on the age of the wedding group, some generous brides offer a choice of treatment for their hens, depending on their skins individual needs.

As a hen weekend is usually enjoyed between two weeks and one month before the wedding it’s the perfect time to allow to downtime whilst still seeing fresh results.

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