Has Tulisa had lip fillers and/or cosmetic surgery – or is it just clever make up?

Celebrity cosmetic treatmentYou haven’t been able to open a newspaper lately without seeing photos of pop star and former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos.

Photos of her in smart attire emerging from court have been gracing the pages of the tabloids for weeks, as hacks have been following her trial for assault – which recently ended in a guilty verdict.

But Tulisa’s face has been subject to its own ‘trial’ of sorts, with social media abuzz with people asking – has she had work done?

Changing appearance

It must be said her lips do look noticeably fuller than when she was gracing our screens every week on the X Factor. And some have speculated that the changes don’t end there, claiming her nose also looks slimmer and more refined.

But the singer has flatly denied having lip fillers or nose surgery, saying her new looks are thanks to “clever make up” and losing weight.

In August last year, when asked about her slimmer looking nose, she told the Mirror:

“It’s not a deliberate thing, and I really don’t give a toss about being skinny. That’s just not me. But when I lose weight it goes from my face, and everyone says my nose looks thinner. I swear on my life I’ve not had it done. I’ve literally just lost weight, and it goes from my nose!”

Expert opinion

And concerning her plumper-looking lips, she attributes them to clever make up rather than injectable lip fillers – an explanation that many might scoff at, but some experts agree with.

One of them, celebrity make up artist Mikey Phillips, explains:

“Lip liner and lip plumping products could be responsible for the plumper pout but remember make-up is all smoke and mirrors.”

The criticism and judgement she’s received over her appearance in the court of public opinion strike us as a little unfair. The truth is between Tulisa and her practitioners – if indeed she’s used them.