Happy holidays – but watch out for the effects on your skin!

Christmas baublesPlenty of festive nights booked in over the next couple of weeks? Yes, us too. Whilst this means a great time to be had, it can also wreak havoc on our skin.

Especially when nursing a hangover from the night before. Follow these tips to minimise wear and tear and to secret away those hangovers:

Before bed:

1. Install strategically-placed wipes

It goes without saying that a proper night-time skin care routine will help you look a bit better the morning after – however, there is also a chance you may be tempted to skip it and head straight to bed…

If you suspect you may succumb to festive cheer-induced laziness then minimise the damage by putting a packet of skin care wipes by your bed at the ready. Although it’s not ideal to use wipes as the only basis of your skin care routine it is still better than nothing. What’s more, by having them by your bed there’ll no reason not to take all that make up off!

2. Water

Making sure you drink plenty of water before slumber will lessen your levels of dehydration in the morning. This will not only make you feel better but will mean your skin will suffer less too.

In the morning:

1. Zingy shower

Help revive yourself by having a shower as soon as you wake up. Use a tea tree oil or ginger shower gel to perk up your senses.

2. Fuel your day with a healthy breakfast

Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast even if you are in a rush. Your energy levels will be low; your blood sugar and salt levels needing topping up. Have a protein-packed breakfast such as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast or yoghurt with fruit, nuts and seeds. If you are really pushed for time then the potassium in a banana will help restore your energy.

On your skin:

1. Face massage

Take a bit of extra time when washing your face to truly massage the skin – doing so will help get your blood pumping and will therefore help to improve your complexion.

2. Cold eye compress

If time will allow, before applying creams and make up lie down with a cold eye gel press on your eyes (put in the fridge the night before). If you don’t have one of these then cucumber slices or cold tea bags will do the job perfectly well.

3. Slather on as much moisturiser as your skin will decently allow

Apply the same amount that you normally do to your skin. And then repeat. Your skin will thank you for it (and most likely need it – you’ll be surprised how much it soaks up after you’ve had a night on the tiles).

4. Pinch your skin

Pinch the skin on your brow line to alleviate tension in the eyes and to make you feel less sleepy.

Make-up tricks:

1. Hide redness

Use a colour correction fluid before applying make-up as this will balance out any red or blotchy complexions.

2. BB Cream

A BB (beauty balm) cream will also give your skin an extra glow and help to prevent blemishes from showing.

3. Less is more

Use powder and a fluid concealer rather than heavy or matte products. Lighter products will help to make your skin appear more dewy whilst thicker creams will sit in dehydrated lines and make them more visible.

Overall though, enjoy yourself – and from us at Aurora Skin Clinics – MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🙂