Going on a post-Christmas ski trip? Don’t forget to update your skin care!

Skin careThis time of year is popular for last-minute, cheaper ski deals – when most people have returned to work and families are waiting for the February half-term before they can next get away.

But a mountainous ski resort offers quite different conditions to the winter climate here, and so requires a different approach to skin care. Not to mention the effects of flying on the skin.

So what steps do you need to take to ensure your time on the slopes does not adversely affect your skin? Follow this advice to return home with tiptop skin.

1. Getting there

You may assume that your skin care kit needs to be called to action once you hit your resort – wrong, for this trip and indeed any other you need to consider your skin during the flights, too. Because the air is re-circulated in aeroplanes it lacks moisture and so will suck any it can find – including from your face. Apply a serum and a thick moisturiser before boarding, and re-apply whenever you feel it’s necessary.

2. Ditch any astringent cleansers or toners

If your skin care routine contains any ingredients that strip the skin eg. witch hazel or tea tree (often found in skin care to treat spots) then don’t take it with you. For this trip at least you need to switch to a cream cleanser and gentle toner to keep your skin as hydrated as possible.

3. Moisturise!

And on that note, if your current moisturiser is a light one you may wish to upgrade to a thicker cream for the slopes. Not only will the cold air dry out your skin the windy conditions and high altitude can give your skin a serious battering, even chapping. You’ll need to take extra care to form a barrier between your delicate skin and the elements.

4. Don’t forget your sunblock

Protecting your skin against the sun is as important on a ski trip as it is on a beach holiday, with the sun strong on those high peaks. Wear a factor of at least 30 and re-apply frequently – sweat on the slopes can easily make it slip off.

5. Don’t forget your lips and eyes!

It’s easy to lather cream on your face as you would do normally but forget your lips, which are actually most exposed on a ski trip. Apply a balm with an SPF or use a sunblock stick with a high factor.

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