Geri Halliwell sports youthful visage on Marr TV show

Geri Halliwell appeared on Andrew Marr’s Sunday BBC show last weekend and made a change from his usual political guests by cutting a rather glamorous figure.

The ex-Spice Girl was there to promote the new Spice Girl musical, Viva Forever, and flirted with the other guests as well as host Marr.

The show, which was written by comedian Jennifer Saunders, is currently showing at The Piccadilly Theatre in London. Whilst it’s not specifically an autobiographical take on the Spice Girls’ career it incorporates their hits and centres round girl power as its theme.

The interview led to Geri extolling women of history and deliberating over who she thought were the originators of ‘girl power’ – a toss-up, she believed, between Queen Elizabeth I or the suffragettes. The Spice Girls were merely continuing the feminist discussion. Or something.

Dressed in a russet peplum dress and towering heels, the diminutive pop star looked very youthful and fresh-looking for her 40 years. Sporting a line-free forehead and smooth cheeks, could it be that the star gets Botox treatments and could possibly uses fillers, too?

Her smooth skin could be down to good make-up but it may also be that she receives regular skin treatments including chemical peels or laser resurfacing. She also looked in great shape too, so she’s clearly looking after herself.

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