George Clooney’s girlfriend gets Botox in secret

George Clooney’s girlfriend, who is only in her early thirties, nonetheless allegedly sneaks off for Botox treatment without telling her movie star boyfriend what she is doing. Clooney is apparently against women getting plastic surgery, hence why she wants to keep it on the down-low.

The lucky lady, Stacy Keibler, has been going out with the self-proclaimed eternal bachelor Clooney since July of last year although like his many other relationships there is no expectation that the couple will wed, given Clooney’s vocal insistences that he will never marry again (his first marriage, in 1989 only lasted four years).

Although it seems a somewhat old-fashioned but perhaps romantic way to keep the allure alive by leaving some beauty secrets unsaid, we can’t help but wonder that such a deceit is the wrong move.

That said, there are already rumours circulating that the two have already split so perhaps her secret skin care routine won’t need to come to his attention anyway…

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