First time Botox? Here’s what you need to know

First time Botox anti-wrinkle treatmentYou’ve heard plenty about Botox, you probably know people who’ve had it, and you’re thinking about trying it for yourself.

Well, knowledge is power! So before booking an appointment to kiss your wrinkles goodbye, read our advice for the first time Botoxer.

Are you the ‘right’ age for Botox?

Quite simply, there is no right age to have Botox. Most clinics won’t offer Botox treatment to anyone under 21 as a matter of principle. But if you’re over 21, and permanent frown lines, forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet bother you, Botox can be used to soften them.

How to choose your practitioner

Be vigilant! Botox can only be prescribed by a qualified doctor or prescribing nurse, but can legally be injected by people with no medical training whatsoever. So you need to set your own standards.

Choose a medical professional, ideally recommended by someone you trust. Check medical qualifications on their relevant professional body’s website – for example, the GMC, NMC or GDC. And if they’re a member of an aesthetic-specific body like BCAM, BACD or BACN, even better. You can also look for accreditation from organisations like Save Face.

What to ask

Research is one thing, but some questions you’ll need to ask in person at a consultation:

  • ‘How many Botox patients have you treated?’
  • ‘Do you use genuine Allergan Botox?’
  • ‘Can I see before and after photos of your patients?’

And don’t be shy to grill them on specifics. Ask them to outline which muscles they think you need treating, and what the aesthetic outcome will be.

Do you need to prepare for treatment?

As a non-surgical treatment, the requirements aren’t as strict as surgery. If you take blood thinning medications, you may need to forgo them for a few days before treatment to reduce the risk of bleeding or bruising.

You’ll also need to tell your practitioner if you take muscle relaxants, allergy medications or sleeping aids, or if you’ve received Botox injections within the past four months.

When will you look ‘normal’ again after treatment?

This depends on your body’s healing response. Some will experience bruising and minor swelling near the injection sites and others will not. As a general rule, you’ll look fine after a couple of days.

The effects won’t kick in until 3-7 days after treatment, with final results visible after 2 weeks. So if you’re planning on looking your best for a particular event, allow 2 weeks for maximum impact.

How long does first time Botox last?

Everyone’s physiology is different, so the effects last longer for some than others. If you’re active, have a high metabolism or an expressive face, you’ll break down Botox more quickly.

On average the effects last 3-4 months, but with first time Botox, you may find it wears off earlier. With repeated treatments, the facial muscles become conditioned to the injections and results usually last longer.

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