Female journalist in a two month bid to turn back time

Skin treatmentsFreelance journalist, Karen Cross, realised she needed to up her beauty game when a friend thought a 10-year-old photograph of her was “from at least 20 years ago”.

This comment prompted the 42-year-old writer to embark on a two-month-long overhaul, with the goal of looking 10 years younger by 2013.

Writing about her experiment in The Daily Mail, Cross admitted that her skin care routine had been fairly slap-dash up to that point, relying only on a basic moisturiser and face wipes to remove her make-up.

With £5000 in savings for a “rainy day”, she believed that her prematurely aged face warranted such an occasion. To begin with she invested in a proper beauty regime, consisting of a cleanser, toner, serums and moisturiser. Next she undertook laser treatment on her face, Botox injections, a chemical peel and lip fillers.

To complement the new her she had her teeth whitened and hair re-styled, spending almost £4500 in total.

Cross was so pleased with the results that she plans to keep having the treatments on a regular basis. Her overall aim is to use her fresh new looks to find a good man to settle down with – good luck, Karen!