Felicity Kendall swaps Botox for tattoos

Botox treatmentFelicity Kendall has announced that she is giving up Botox after deciding it’s no longer fitting for a woman of her age.

The pretty actress has never denied that she regularly receives Botox injections to keep her looking fresh and youthful but she has now decided that, at 66, it’s no longer becoming for her to continually strive to look younger and younger.

Instead she’s found an interesting new interest that will help to keep her feeling youthful, if not necessarily looking it – tattoos. Of her new body work she’s claimed it suits her as she is a “rock chick” at heart.

Her advice to anyone who is considering tattoos is to think about where the wrinkles will appear and to avoid those areas where possible.

She credits leaving getting tattoos this late with having the benefit of already knowing which areas are more affected by signs of ageing. She would advise avoiding the stomach area and instead posits shoulders as the perfect surface for a tattoo as they stay relatively line free and don’t get any bigger.

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