Feed your skin

Food can be applied topically to improve the skin There is plenty of information on what foods to eat to optimise your health and the condition of your skin, but what about what can be applied topically?

Lotions and creams serve their purpose however there is also edible produce that can be as useful in your skin care routine as your diet. So what ingredients serve as a treat to your skin?

1. Yoghurt

The benefits of yoghurt are two-fold – as a base for face masks and also as a natural antidote to acne. The bacteria that is present in yoghurt helps to fight the bad bacteria that can be responsible for causing spots. It is also soothing so can help to relieve sore skin. The consistency and soothing quality also make it a perfect base for face masks, adding other ingredients to suit the mask type.

2. Honey

Like yoghurt honey also makes a good base for a face mask, in part because of its spreadable consistency but more importantly because of its anti-bacterial qualities.

3. Oats

Oats are a great ingredient to add to a facial mask; the texture will help to scrub away dead skin cells.

4. Sugar

Although it is too abrasive for the face, sugar is a perfect ingredient for a body scrub. Mix with honey and banana for an all over scrub that will get rid of old and tired skin and leave it feeling supple and smooth.

5. Teabags

Cold teabags are often recommended for the delicate eye area and with good reason. The caffeine in the tea encourages blood vessels to constrict, which results in reduced redness and puffiness.

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