Facelift without surgery – what are your options?

No matter how taut our skin is when we’re young, the dreaded droop gets us all in the end.

But do we need to roll over and succumb? Do we heck!

If you’re fed up with the mirror showing you someone older and more washed out than you expect, don’t worry.

We have the technology.

With so many rejuvenating treatments available, and scientists devoting their whole careers to finding new ones, it’s surely only a matter of time before we find a cure for ageing.

But until that fateful day, what are your options if you don’t fancy going under the knife?

3 types of facelift without surgery

When people talk about ‘facelift without surgery’ or ‘non-surgical facelift’, what they really mean is ‘treatments that make you look younger’.

This can take the form of any number of different treatments – not all of them concerned with lifting. They fall into 3 main categories:

1. Volume replacement – e.g. the 8 Point Lift, Liquid Lift, Non-Surgical Facelift

Lip Fillers vs Lip ImplantsInjectable fillers (or your own fat) can be used to restore facial volume.

Gaunt cheeks can get back their youthful ‘apple’, thin lips be made plumper and less droopy, and deep grooves between your nose and mouth eradicated.

The 8 Point Lift uses multiple injections of facial filler in key points to rejuvenate the whole mid-lower face in one treatment.

While facial filler won’t replace a facelift, as it can’t do exactly the same job – it won’t lift your brow or improve loose skin on your neck, for example – it will offer a dramatic improvement in areas that have lost volume.

2. Skin resurfacing – e.g. Microdermabrasion, Skin Peels, Lasers

Aurora Skin Clinics: Photo showing Chemical Skin PeelThe tone and texture of the skin are a big marker of age.

Age spots, dry, crepey skin, and a dull, pallid complexion all make a face look older.

Resurfacing treatments help to slough off the lacklustre surface skin to reveal the fresher, more youthful skin underneath and increase cell turnover.

Though skin resurfacing won’t lift or tighten the underlying tissues or restore lost volume, it’s great for improving the superficial skin. It’s actually surprising what a difference it can make when you improve the skin’s texture – particularly improving age spots.

3. Energy transfer – e.g. eTwo Skin Tightening, Thermage, EndyMed (a treatment Christine Hamilton recently had)

Aurora Skin Clinics: Photo showing eTwo machineThese treatments use targeted energy (radiofrequency, infrared, etc) to heat the deeper facial tissues and tighten the collagen fibres in the skin.

The first of this breed of treatments was Thermage, but other newer treatments like eTwo have surpassed it since.

Though more subtle than a surgical facelift, the treatment can noticeably tighten the skin, particularly the jowls and the undereye area.

Not sure which to choose? Speak to an expert

All three types of treatment target different issues, and can be used in combination to achieve great anti-ageing results.

An experienced aesthetic practitioner can help determine which, if any, are right for you.

The results from any ‘facelift’ without surgery will naturally be more subtle, and less long-lasting, than those from surgery – but the treatment will be far less invasive.

Not everyone is ready or appropriate for a facelift, so if you don’t feel ready for the scalpel, it might be time to take the plunge with a non-surgical treatment instead.

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