eTwo Skin Tightening vs Thermage – how does it compare?

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Skin tightening treatments are a popular non-surgical alternative to going under the knife – and there’s a fair few to choose from.

One of the best known is Thermage, which has been tightening skin worldwide for more than 10 years.

But at our clinics, our preferred skin tightening treatment is eTwo (also known as Sublime Skin Tightening).

Why? Well, let’s compare the two treatments side by side.

How do they work?

Thermage and eTwo Skin Tightening (formerly ‘Refirme’) work in essentially the same way.

Both treatments work by using targeted energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin and underlying fatty tissue.

This heat has two effects. Firstly, it makes collagen in the skin contract, which has an immediate tightening effect. Then over the following weeks, the skin responds to the heat ‘damage’ by producing more collagen.

Collagen is the skin’s building block, and young skin is awash with it (it’s estimated we lose up to 1% of our natural collagen with every passing year). Collagen retains lots of moisture, so if you’ve plenty of it, your skin is naturally springier and more taut.

So by upping your collagen, both eTwo and Thermage give your skin back some of it’s youthful ‘bounce’.

So how are they different?

Both treatments are referred to as radio frequency skin tightening. But where Thermage uses radio frequency alone, eTwo skin tightening is the only skin tightening treatment to use both radio frequency and infrared light.

Combining safe, effective levels of both infrared light and radio frequency, in our view, gives eTwo skin tightening the edge over Thermage and results in better outcomes.

How invasive are they?

Both are non-surgical, so neither require incisions, and you won’t suffer from bruising, bleeding, or lengthy recovery periods.

They’re both suitable if you’re looking for a minimally invasive procedure with more subtle results than a facelift, and quicker recovery times.

How long does treatment take?

A session of Thermage takes longer than eTwo – another reason we prefer eTwo for our patients.

Though not necessarily painful, any treatment using heat can involve a degree of discomfort, and different people will have different tolerances.

Thermage typically takes 90-120 minutes – a long time to be on the treatment couch! This compares with only 45 minutes to an hour for eTwo skin tightening.

With both, a course of treatments is usually needed for best results.

What results can you expect?

eTwo and Thermage treatments can both improve sagging skin on the face and neck, particularly the jowls, cheeks and around the eyes. They may also improve moderate loose skin on the arms (the dreaded bingo wings!).

Both treatments are progressive, meaning you’ll continue to see measurable improvements for up to 6 months after treatment.

Find out more about eTwo Skin Tightening

If you’d like to know more about eTwo radio frequency skin tightening, watch this short video where Mel Recchia gives a quick overview.

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